It's June and you can already smell the liveliness of the dancers and the scent of basil. The Santos Populares are just around the corner and with them come the typical flavours of this season.
At this time of year, it's hard to resist delicacies such as grilled sardines, caldo verde, grilled meats and roasted chorizo.
So that you can celebrate with (even more) joy, we'll help you choose the wines that go best with the traditional festive dishes.

Read on and find out which is the best wine to accompany...

... the famous sardines

Grilled sardines are probably the greatest icon of the Santos Populares festivities in Portugal.
The strong, fatty flavour of this fish calls for a wine that helps balance this intensity. A good choice would be a white wine that combines good acidity, lightness and liveliness.
Acidity is essential for cutting the fat in sardines. The lightness and freshness of the wine prevent the palate from being overwhelmed, helping to cleanse the taste and allowing the flavours of the fish to shine through with every bite.

Citrus and floral notes are also welcome, as they provide a pleasant contrast to the smoky flavour of the grilled fish. The same goes for more mineral wines, which bring a sense of saltiness that goes perfectly with the marine flavour of the sardines.

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... the delicious caldo verde

A good companion for caldo verde could be a young red wine with medium to high acidity, a light body and soft tannins.
The desired acidity gives balance to the rich and robust flavour of this dish. The light body and gentle presence of tannins will provide enough structure to cope with the creamy texture of the soup and the slight fat of the slice of chorizo that always accompanies it (the indispensable "tora").

For an even more surprising experience, opt for a young red wine with red fruit flavours and a touch of spice. This combination will add a layer of complexity to the dish and enhance the flavours of the broth, making for an even more interesting pairing.

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... the irresistible roast chorizo

If you can't resist a good roast chorizo, prepare yourself for an even more satisfying experience by pairing it with a full-bodied red wine with firm tannins and hints of spice.
Wines with a more robust presence give the palate the structure it needs to accompany the strong flavour of the chorizo. As well as balancing the fat, the tannins will help cleanse the palate, allowing each taste of chorizo to be as flavoursome as the first.

Notes of spice or ripe dark fruit are a good complement to help bring out the spicy and smoky flavours of the roast chorizo. 

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... the succulent grilled meats

In these early days of summer, a rosé wine is an excellent choice to pair with bifanas, febras and other grilled meats typical of Santos Populares.
The soft tannins, acidity and fruity aromas that usually characterise this type of wine are perfect for adding a refreshing dimension to the meal. They will also help to balance the juicy and spicy flavours of the meats, without weighing down the palate.

 Our suggestions

Celebrate the Popular Saints with more joy

During Santos Populares, try pairing the right wine with the typical dishes of this celebration and watch the magic happen, creating unforgettable moments of pleasure.

Follow our suggestions, which are waiting for you at the Uva Wine Shop, and toast to these wonderful combinations of flavours to the sound of the best dances.

Have fun!